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FREE disposal of medication that is:

  • Old
  • Unused
  • Expired


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Community Partners

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The Coalition is always looking for more support. Whether you are a concerned citizens, an involved parent or an active teen, please contact us and we can point you in the right direction.

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91% of Adams county students DON'T smoke.

 79% of Adams county students DON'T drink.

Parent Resources

There are a lot of websites that offer advice and community support for parents who are raising children, teens and young adults. It's a tough job, but you're not alone. These websites are generally accepted as being accurate and reasonably reliable, but they should be used to supplement your style of parenting, not to replace your parenting doctrine.

Studies have consistantly shown that the most influential force on a child is actually their peers, followed closely by their parents. There are always exceptions, but this generally means that you have to increase the frequency of discussions about alcohol and drug use. Talking about it can be challenging at times, but preseverance is key. Being too strict or having low accountability for your child statistically increases their chances to become heavy drinkers several times over. Be warm, responsive, make reasonable demands and teach instead of punish.


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